About Us

I’ve always loved older women. I was never afraid to speak openly about my fantasies and desires. Yes, there were many people who judged me, but I never cared. I knew what I liked.

I remember the first time I landed an older women. We were casual, but I was more arm candy to her then anything else. We would go out for little strolls or grab lunch together. I wasn’t ashamed to be seen with her. I was proud. She was a good ten years older then my mother. You can only imagine the reactions I got. But I didn’t care. I felt so good about myself because this older women thought I was cute. I thought I must have been the hottest guy on the planet. She was good looking too. A nice body, smooth skin. She took care of herself. She even had a few work out machines in her basement. She was everything a guy could want.

At least that’s what I thought back then. I mean, she was everything I could want. But I didn’t realize so many young men were denying their attraction. I thought everyone who loved older women would feel the same. Proud and open. But I realized that many people are shameful of their desires. Young men all overt the world are afraid to come forward because they don’t want their friends or family judging them. They worry about what neighbors might think. Or random people. Especially when it came to relations with much older women. We’re talking about granny aged women. Older enough to be your mothers’ mother.

Yeah, there are always going to be the people who judge. There are people who judge everything. But you’ve got to get over their judgments. You can’t let other people hold you back.

I’m not a teenager anymore. I’ve aged a little past the status of being a cougar cub. But, I still like older women. They still like me. Anyone who thought it was a teenage phase was wrong. I think sometimes I’d like to settle down and have a family. I know that won’t happen with my usual type. Most of the women I date can’t even have children. But before I reach that stage of my life, I want stay in the world I’m in. The world of granny dating.

Women are much better with age, like fine wine. I don’t think enough young men realize what a learning experience an older woman can be. First, you get to have amazing sex beyond your wildest imagination. At the same time, they boost your confidence. They also teach you things about yourself. They help you to learn better communication too. Face it, most young men are fairly bad at communicating their wants and desires. But they are worse at listening to others’. An older woman can turn a young man into a better lover for his future wife.

I like to discredit judgments. I like to boast about the reasons I choose older women, even now. I want other young men to feel confident to go for what they want. Because I know they won’t regret it. That’s why I write this blog: For you.